What Readers Are Saying...

“You’ll race through the pages and wish for more… Sula Miller captures the human emotions of despair and triumph and all of the nuances of life’s in-between moments after her main character, Irene, loses her lifelong partner, Arnold.  Her sagacious, short read is filled with humor, understanding, and wisdom, bringing to life an eclectic collection of characters and the challenge of balancing your own life after a loss, along with making a new life with new friends and lovers.  There were times that I felt a déjà vu to my own dealings with my mom when she was widowed.  Sula and her cast of characters prove that you’re never too old to re-discover life and all of its joys at any time.”  Steve Welsch

“Enjoyed this book from beginning to end. So real. Easy, fast read as you want to keep going to see what happens.” Lori-Etta Taub

“I loved this book! Irene is one super lady and triumphs through it all. It’s a funny, well written book; great ending too.” Carie Anne Baron

“I was reluctant to finish because I didn’t want it to end. I actually delayed for weeks before I did. I just loved Irene and her precious Shugy, and the way she was treated in the story. What a personality. Reminded me so much of my own mother.” Kathleen Bennett Hochberg

“As a single woman edging towards her ‘mature’ stage in life, Welcome to... The Widows Club was a light, yet insightful journey with the author and her mother-in-law during her golden years. It is refreshing to know that there is still romance and companionship to be found out there as an aging woman.’ Kim Kolbeck

“A most delightful story… women will relate so well with the ups and downs of her relationship… it is so well written in detail… it will grasp your attention...read it in a day...a must read!”  Renee Schubert

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