What Readers Are Saying...

“A great read! I finished it in 2 sittings -- didn't want it to be over. And the twist at the end -- priceless!” 

Trish Carr, Co-Founder of Women’sProsperityNetwork.com

“Welcome to... The Widows Club” is a quick paced funny read into life after widowhood. I would sum up this book as a ‘Sex in the City’ fo retirees. Life not only continues, but it flourishes.” Liliah Morrissey

“The characters had such authenticity and the book was relatable to people of all ages.  We all go through the loss of love and life and your characters truly portrayed how the human spirit finds new hopes, challenges and love.” 
Sherri Andrews, Happy Bookers

“It’s a heart warming story mixed with humor and reality. I can imagine myself as the star character, it hits a life chord that continues to play. Thank you for this beautiful book.” Janet Kirkpatrick

"This author, like her book, gives hope a new meaning. The art of mature love, mature writing and never giving up." 
Laurie Schecter

“A most delightful story… women will relate so well with the ups and downs of her relationship… it is so well written in detail… it will grasp your attention...read it in a day...a must read!”  Renee Schubert

“It was an enjoyable read that gave me a shocking firsthand glimpse into the life of a recent widow. Although often humorous, it gave a poignant account of one woman’s journey into life as a single senior.”  Laura Murphy

“As a single woman edging towards her ‘mature’ stage in life, Welcome to... The Widows Club was a light, yet insightful journey with the author and her mother-in-law durign her golden years. It is refreshing to know that there is still romance and companionship to be found out there as an aging woman.’ Kim Kolbeck

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